friendly pretzels


Soft, delicious, salty pretzels bring back positive memories for many. A quick snack in the mall or in a big city on a cold blustery day, the warm, wonderful goodness tastes extra scrumptious because of the grumbling tummy that preceded the purchase. One of my favorite pretzel memories was in southern Germany where our hosts packed darling mice pretzels in our lunch!


I am a novice cook at best (mostly because I am terrible about following recipes . . .) and GF baking creates an added complication (as if baking wasn’t complicated enough!). This recipe was super easy and actually came out perfectly! Here is the link:

A Pinterst win! My only change was replacing the coconut four with millet four (coconut is a no-no:). I would like to try it again with an all purpose GF four since almond four is pricey and ought to be saved for the making of french macarons. I will leave you with happy thoughts of these decadent french cookies, yum!!



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