the whim: a little writing exercise


“Look after the senses, and the sound will look after themselves.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

I was recently going through a stack of catalogues too see which ones had an up-cycled future and which needed to be recycled. In the process I came across the Anthropologie Christmas catalogue. Now, what an inspiring place Anthopologie is! I love walking through that store! It always makes me feel artistic and whimsical (I suppose that is part of their marketing scheme, but honestly, it is working pretty well on me:P). Well, the catalogue isn’t quite as inspiring as the store, but this particular one had various headings throughout. I thought it might be a fun little project to write a little post for each heading. The whim is the title of the first heading.

Whimsy, whimsical, winsome. Words I love. In style, decorating, movies, tv, literature, music. I never can feel at home in a room that does not have twinkle lights and “hippie garland” (a little invention of tissue paper flowers and other odds and ends on a piece of string or yarn:). I suppose it is an early indication of future eccentric behavior, but I do not mind for some reason.

I like teal nail-polish on toes.

I like glitter all over.

And lovely candles.

And I will not buy perfume unless it is in a pretty bottle.

I thought my friends’ invention with cocktail umbrellas on a cork-board was fabulous:


Another thing I am a bit obsessed with is exposed brick walls. My friend and former office mate who I miss soooooo much and I have some similar tastes in TV shows. This past summer she got me watching Once Upon a Time. I so enjoyed the first season, but to be honest once they started bringing black and white movies into the realm of fairytale land they lost even my love of the post-modern a little bit, and as for the giant . . . all I see is Hurly from Lost. Aside from these rabbit trails, I adore Ginnifer Goodwin’s (AKA Snow White) little loft apartment in the show:


I think all this interest in fairy-tales and superheroes and fantasy lately may be indicative that we are in some kind of neo-post-modern-romantic age. It really is uncanny (no, Freud, I do not use that term by accident) that there are so many shows and movies out right now besides OUAT, think: Grimm, The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Man of Steel, Supernatural, The Green Arrow, Lost, Brave, Snow White and the Huntsman . . .  to name just a few. I do agree with Audrey:


I am not a huge fan of romantic literature (though I am a Wuthering Heights girl myself, do you ever notice that Wuthering fans are not usually Jane Eyre fans and vice versa?), but I do have a soft spot for the poetry (ahem, dear Keats).

Also, I am quite excited that one word was able to produce almost 500 words! Have a whimsy-filled day! Read a little Ogden Nash or Lewis Carroll. Jump on your bed. Listen to Pricilla Ahn’s Dream. And most of all thank God for the sunshine.



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