appreciating a sentiment in downton abbey


Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. -Hebrew 13:16 ESV

Yes, I admit to keeping up with a soap opera called Downton Abbey. Only for the sake of Matthew, Mary, and Carson, but I think I am in for some sad news next week. The British are hateful the way they kill off favorite characters! I was actually introduced to the show while taking Victorian Lit. and the teacher often would end up rabbit trailing about the show rather than the topic of study (a blessing, really!).

In any case, I wanted to mention that I really liked a sentiment introduce in this past Sunday’s episode. For those of you not aware of the current state of Downton (my poor boyfriend walked in in the middle of the two hour episode having never seen the show before . . . he was thoroughly confused), the earl mistakenly invested the last of his wife’s fortune into a bad deal, consequently bankrupting the estate forcing the family to either sell or sink. Luckily, Matthew, the earl’s newest son-in-law and heir inherited a wicked big fortune, and got over his inhibitions in just the nick of time to save the estate. Meanwhile, the earl’s former chauffeur-turned son-in-law-turned-Irish radical-turned widower is in need of employment and Matthew discovers that the estate has been run very badly indeed.

To the point, on Sunday night they were coming to terms with several things they did not like, but they all knew they needed to work together and while our hero, Matthew, could not manage to win the earl over, his un-favorite, Tom, did by saying that they all needed to get over their differences, pool their gifts, and use them for the benefit of the estate. I think there is a Biblical concept here and I liked it. I think we often get hung up on unimportant differences at church, in work, and  in friendships; but if we are too look at the greater picture and use the gifts we have been give to serve, I think we would be happier and would bring greater glory to the Creator.



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