the forget-me-not: a love story


“In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose”

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Happy Valentines day! Not by coincidence, the heading for today’s entry from the catalogue is “the forget-me-not.” As a child, I often remember picking these in my grandparents yard. The tiny flowers made a floral arrangement to suit the grandest of dollhouses. The symbolism of the flowers probably goes back to some obscure Victorian floral language, but that is superfluous information for this installment.

I have known the amazing man I am dating since before I can remember. We had crushes on each other from childhood, through the awkward middle school years, through high school. He finally asked me out . . . the night before I left for college. Such poor timing . . . the story of our lives. There was very quick moment that we sort-of-but-not-really dated. And then throughout the four and a half years of my undergrad and two years of grad school we somehow managed to keep our friendship together. We talked about how we felt several times over the years, and he was usually shot down by the selfish and cruel woman that writes this. But the truth was, the timing was just never right.

This past summer, we talked again, and I again said no. There is an evil bohemian twin in me that is terrified of commitment and wants to be temporary forever, without any ties so I can travel the world! Despite me, he kept praying, and he kept on loving me.

He was relentless in his pursuit to the point of driving 700 miles and back to tell me again how much he loved me.

I finally said yes this time, but not after 24 hours of terrible treatment.

I am incredibly happy!

I was such an idiot!

So what’s my favorite part about this story?


The reflection of Christ.

In the book of Hosea, we read about the prophet called by God to marry a whore. She slept with other men, but still Hosea loved her and took her back. In the same way, God loves Israel. In the same way, Christ loves each Christian. Despite ourselves. Despite us going after all that glitters and turning Him down a million times, He relentlessly pursues us with the intent of making us His own.

So for all those out there, without a Valentine today, remember: you can have the ultimate Valentine in Jesus Christ. One Who never lets us go.




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