gluten free, dairy free, egg free chocolate pancakes

Cocoa Powder

“What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate.” 
― Katharine Hepburn

I was very excited that this recipe turned out! I have had several discouraging flops over the last few weeks, which is why I have shared few recipes. Ironically, I made them this morning while listening to a podcast about a family who lived on the brink of starvation for many years. It was very interesting– I didn’t find it myself– it was used by one of my CELTA colleagues last night in his receptive skills lesson– we were all riveted! The story made me look into them a bit more and makes me thankful for the freedom from religious persecution that we have and for the abundance of food (even friendly food for me!) that I have.

The recipe was simple:

1 mashed banana

1 tbsp. of cocoa powder

2 heaping tbsps of GF all-purpose flour (Joe’s of course)

1/4 cup almond milk

1 tsp. raw sugar (I’m trying it out in an attempt to cut out refined– I don’t know that it helps a ton, but I love the taste, and it is fewer calories, though not by much)


The consistency was moist and spongy, and I topped them with strawberry jam. Yum!



One thought on “gluten free, dairy free, egg free chocolate pancakes

  1. Katie Crook says:

    Am definitely gonna have to try these out one day! And am gonna check out this modern-day Swiss family Robinson story too…crazy! You always have interesting tidbits on your blog that peak one’s interest…love it. 😉

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