organization: the right brainer


I like Real Simple. My roommate got it last year and I started being a fan of it sometime around then. She sent me a copy just last month and I read it to pieces before passing it on (I am not a hoarder!) (and the word “hoarder” always makes me think of the poor hoarders in Dante’s Inferno  and their undesirable fate. . .). I am also not a terribly organized person, but I was very excited to read this little organization story on the Real Simple website:

I made my fiancé and my old roommate take the quiz. I was so glad to learn that I am overwhelmingly right brained and that they were both completely in the middle. I don’t know that I will act on any of these tips, but I am glad to know that they are there and I felt the need to share them. lol.




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