something blue . . .


Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

I had never heard the last part, but I think it’s a sweet tradition. One I definitely would like to keep (but I don’t need the sixpence:). I’ve been thinking of what I want my “something blue” will be– personally I think a blue gown would be cool, but I think that idea might be unpopular . . .

I saw an article recently about the trend of brides wearing blue nail polish on the wedding day (though I am not sure what they are talking about, because their link is definitely to a green polish . . . ). I think it’s a sweet idea. Here are some photos:

blue-manicures-for-brides 82 wedding-tips-etiquette-wedding-day-manicure

The problem often is that a lot of these shades are not complementary to a lot of skin tones (especially those of us that get red and cold easily!). Nevertheless, I have a theory that the perfect shade can be found. I read another article (sorry no link:) that they customized a polish (of course they did, lol) for Kate Middleton’s  wedding, so I thought well, that is easy enough, so I got to mixing. It’s such a happy thought that I can have that lovely color in the Essie bottle without spending $8.

Here’s a pic in progress:


Of course if you find a combination you like, you may not be able to get it again this way, but then you won’t be in a rut either:).



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