Time Invested . . .

“Thus shall my anger spend itself, and I will vent my furry upon them and satisfy myself.”

Ezekiel 5:3b

While I was reading this passage yesterday morning, I was struck my one word in it– the word “spend.”


I immediately thought of the third definition– to exhaust, and I thought that the idea of God’s wrath having a end point, was nice, but that probably is not the meaning so, I tried not to think too much on that until I have a chance to study it more; however I did consider  that in order for something to spend itself out, there has to be a fixed amount. Like time. Each person has an unknown fixed amount on this earth.

That is a sobering reality.

Because I am getting married this weekend, I think I may be a little more nostalgic than usual (and a little is a lot for me:). I started thinking of so many dear people that didn’t just spend time with me– they invested their time physically–and in prayer– in me– teachers, family, friends. I am so thankful for them.

Two things I am excited about for my wedding are:

1. my something borrowed


I am borrowing a bracelet from the three most influential women in my life, and the most influential woman in Tommy’s life, and I am excited to honor them in that small way.

2. the sixpence


One of the brightest spots during my graduate assistantship was getting to know several wonderful co workers– This truly kindred spirit surprised me by providing the final touch for the rhyme and throwing me a gorgeously fun shower– how cool is that? 🙂

I am also for the friends that are traveling a ton of miles to spend Saturday with me and Tommy– it wouldn’t be the same without them!



2 thoughts on “Time Invested . . .

  1. Aunt Betty says:

    Dear Sarah, My heart is so filled with happiness that the Lord has blessed Tommy and us with you! And I also am deeply touched that you are wearing something of mine. We love you!

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